The BCAMT is proud to be a part of BC’s “PSA Day” in which Provincial Specialist Associations organize professional learning opportunities that take place on the provincial professional development day each October.

Every third year, it’s BC’s turn to host the Northwest Mathematics Conference and so our Fall Conference serves a dual role in these years, with attendees coming from across BC, Washington, Oregon, and beyond!


We are excited to be returning to Whistler for the 2024 Northwest Mathematics Conference. With sessions and events planned for three days (October 24-26), and at two of Whistler’s largest hotels, it’s looking like 2024 will host the largest Northwest Mathematics Conference. Truly an unmissable event!

Introducing our keynote speakers:
  • Dr. Francis Su, Opening Keynote
  • Howie Hua, Saturday Breakfast Keynote
  • Dr. Cynthia Nicol, Dr. Jo-ann Archibald and the Indigenous Mathematics Network, Closing Keynote Panel

Some of our featured speakers include:
  • Dr. Peter Liljedahl (Building Thinking Classrooms)
  • Dr. Marian Small (Building Understanding)
  • David Poras (Polypad / Mathigon and Desmos)
  • Molly Daley (Public Math)
  • Annette Rouleau (JRMF)
Check back regularly as we will have more to say about the conference soon!


  • THEME: Sea to Sky: Landscapes for Learning Mathematics
  • KEYNOTES: Dr. Francis Su * Howie Hua * Dr. Cynthia Nicol, Dr. Jo-ann Archibald and the Indigenous Mathematics Network
  • DATE: October 24-26, 2024
  • LOCATION: Whistler, BC
  • DATE: October 2025


  • THEME: Learning Mathematics: It’s Relational
  • KEYNOTE: Dr. Sean Chorney
  • DATE: October 20, 2023
  • LOCATION: Guildford Park Secondary, Surrey

  • THEME: Mathematics: A Space to Belong
  • KEYNOTES: Dan Finkel | Lisa Lunney Borden
  • DATE: October 20-22, 2022
  • LOCATION: Whistler

  • THEME: Connecting
  • KEYNOTES: Francis Sue | Chrissy Newell
  • DATE: October 2022
  • LOCATION: Online (Zoom)

  • THEME: Transformations
  • KEYNOTE: Michael Pruner
  • DATE: October 23
  • LOCATION: Online (Zoom)

  • THEME: Math For All
  • KEYNOTE: Janice Novakowski
  • DATE: October 25
  • LOCATION: Guildford Park Secondary, Surrey, BC

  • THEME: Let’s Do Math!
  • KEYNOTES: Tracy Zager | Annie Fetter | Nat Banting
  • DATE: October 18-20
  • LOCATION: Whistler, BC