The richness of the mathematics comes out when students explain their thinking or show creativity in their solution strategies. With these open non-curricular math tasks, all students should be able to flourish in investigations where they are invited to drawing pictures, making guesses, and ask questions.

Where Can I Find Good Math Tasks?

From the website of Peter Liljedhal, to the right are collections of numeracy tasks organized according to grade bands – but these grade bands are only meant to be guideline. My experience is that these tasks tend to be upwardly applicable. That is, the tasks work well with students older than the band the task was designed for.

Many of these tasks were co-constructed with, and piloted by, teachers from Coquitlam (sd43), Prince George (sd57), Kelowna (sd23), and Mission (sd75). Watch for NEW tasks all the time. Enjoy.

This resource is the result of a year-long collaborative project to identify and compile problems that align with the grade 8 curriculum outlined by the Alberta Mathematics Program of Studies (2007). It is an initial attempt to answer our essential question, “How can teaching through problem solving engage every student and drive learning forward?”

Here, you will find a collection of tasks compiled by BCAMT Executive Mike Pruner. 

Here, you will find a collection of tasks compiled for the BCAMT by Debbie Nelson.