Awards & Recognition

Each year, the BCAMT recognizes teachers for their outstanding work. If you know of a teacher who deserves to be recognized for their passion, commitment and effective teaching practices, please consider nominating them for the following awards:

  • Outstanding Elementary Teacher Award
  • Outstanding Middle Teacher Award
  • Outstanding Secondary Teacher Award
  • Outstanding New Teacher Award
  • Ivan L. Johnson Memorial Award
  • Service Award

Award winners will receive a grant to attend our annual conference where they will be honored with a plaque. As well, the recipient of the Ivan Johnson Memorial Award will receive significant funding to attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Annual Conference.

How to Nominate

  1. Review the criteria of the awards below.
  2. Fill out a short nomination form at
  3. Nominees will be contacted at a later date and asked to provide a CV and 1-2 reference letters from a colleague or administrator.


Deadline: March 30, 2023

If you have any questions, please contact Minnie Liu – Chairperson: BCAMT Awards Committee –


Outstanding Teacher Awards (Elementary; Middle; Secondary; New Teacher with less than five years teaching experience)
  • Shows evidence of significant positive impacts on students, staff and parents.
  • Has initiated innovative and effective programs in their classroom, school, district, or province (teacher research, technology, active learning, assessment, etc.).
  • Has and continues to demonstrate excellence in teaching mathematics regularly in British Columbia (teaching style, knowledge of the curriculum, current curriculum trends, etc.).
  • Has made contributions to mathematics education at the school, district or provincial level. This may include on-site school mentoring, workshops, seminars, conferences, community projects, curriculum development, publishing etc.
  • Is not a current member of the BCAMT Executive.
Ivan L. Johnson Memorial Award
"Whether a great teacher is born or made, Ivan you were one, and we are all the better for it."
The Ivan L. Johnson Memorial Award is awarded in honour of long-time BCAMT executive member Ivan Johnson. Ivan donated money to the BCAMT for an award in which the recipient will receive significant funding to cover costs of attending the NCTM Annual Conference.

  • Is a public school teacher and member of the BCTF (associate memberships are not eligible).
  • Inspires teachers to try new ideas that improve the quality of mathematics education.
  • Consistently seeks ways to innovate practices in the mathematics classroom.
  • Actively engages in professional dialogue involving mathematics pedagogy.
  • Is not a current member of the BCAMT Executive.

Note: Nominees for the BCAMT Outstanding Teacher Awards will automatically be considered for this award. Previous winners of BCAMT Outstanding Teacher Awards may also be nominated. Recipients of this award are expected to contribute an article to Vector.
Service Award
  • Has provided extraordinary service to mathematics education as an active member of the BCAMT.
  • Is actively leading within a local or provincial capacity.
  • This includes work outside the classroom and may consist of organizing conferences, working with the ministry, presenting / offering workshops, publishing and reviewing.
  • Is not a current member of the BCAMT Executive.