Executive and Committee Members

Chris Hunter


Chris Hunter has been teaching in Surrey for more than twenty years. Currently a numeracy helping teacher, formerly a high school math teacher and department head, Chris collaboratively works with–and learns from–teachers of mathematics from Kindergarten to Calculus; it is his privilege to be invited to teach in many different classrooms throughout Surrey. Chris is passionate about designing experiences that engage learners in mathematical problem solving, reasoning, and communication. Chris is also an active member of the “MathTwitterBlogoSphere,” an online community of math educators; he tweets at @ChrisHunter36 and blogs at chrishunter.ca. Outside of the classroom, Chris enjoys spending time with his family; he and his wife—a Grade 1 teacher—are parents of two young mathematicians.

Jennifer Carter

Vice President

Jennifer Carter is a Numeracy Coordinator for Vernon School District and an instructor for UBC Okanagan. As a prior elementary teacher and administrator, Jen had a deep curiosity about the discomfort students and teachers felt around mathematics.  This personal inquiry led to her current “passion” and role working alongside teachers to explore and rethink what mathematics education currently is, and the possibilities of what it can be for students.

Outside of her work in schools, Jen can be found taking classes at a local pottery studio, enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful Okanagan, or paddleboarding at her cottage on Shuswap Lake.

Susan Robinson

Past-President and Vector Editor

Susan Robinson has spent her career teaching on islands in the Pacific Ocean, finally landing with her family on Salt Spring Island in 2007. She loves being surrounded by the energy and chaos of teenagers as she helps them navigate the tension between confusion and understanding. Susan completed a Masters in Arts Education from SFU, which helped her to bring creativity into her mathematics classes and mathematics into her artistic endeavours. Susan shares editor-ship of Vector with Sean Chorney, and looks for any opportunity to swim in the ocean.

Colin McLellan


Colin McLellan moved to Vancouver from Alberta in 2004, graduated from the UBC Teacher Education Program in 2006, and has been teaching at McNair Secondary in Richmond ever since. He is constantly reflecting on and changing his practices in the pursuit of something just a little bit better. Although this makes a lot of work for him, he strongly believes that the day he stops changing things is the day he needs to stop teaching. He joined the BCAMT executive in 2008 and has been secretary since 2011. He and his wife, who is also a math teacher, have two young kids who love to count stuff!

Kevin Dent


Kevin Dent loves talking about mathematics, especially discussions of how people think through a problem in their heads. Kevin supports learners to find joy and confidence in the mathematics classroom, and strongly believes that everyone can learn mathematics to the highest levels. He is privileged to learn alongside educators across central Okanagan as a teacher on the Instructional Leadership Team in SD23. He is passionate about numeracy, inquiry, community, and assessment and has spent most of his teaching career exploring these topics in the middle years.

Michelle Chu


Michelle Chu is a Grade 7, Late French Immersion teacher with the Burnaby School District. Once she stumbled into the world of learning about the “why” behind mathematics rather than just memorizing procedures, she realized that she wanted to help students understand that joy of experiencing math. Michelle is passionate about professional development and her practice is constantly evolving. She has her Masters in Educational Technology and Learning Designs from SFU.

Michelle enjoys spending family time with her husband, kiddo and two dogs and being active. She can also be found recharging by knitting, sewing, crafting and puzzling.

Adam Fox


Adam Fox is a kindergarten teacher in North Vancouver. He recently completed a Master of Education Curriculum & Instruction: Numeracy at SFU, and tends to say “maths” not “math.” He has a degree in computer science and in a previous life he was an IT consultant. When he is not “herding cats” he can be found attempting to play football (soccer, eh!) or ski on the local mountains.

Jess Kyle


Jess Kyle is currently a numeracy helping teacher in Surrey, B.C., where she has been teaching for 20 years. In the 17 years that she spent in the classroom, Jess taught grades 1–7, with the majority of the time at 3/4 and then 6/7.  Having spent her career working with students from diverse backgrounds, she is a passionate advocate for culturally responsive teaching and assessment. Other areas of mathematical interest include the connections between math and other disciplines, such as art and coding, as well the field of ethnomathematics. Jess has a master’s degree in teacher inquiry, where she focused on ways to involve students in authentic assessment and building strong classroom communities. She has two elementary-aged children, who are also learning to recognize the joy in playing with mathematics.

Ron Coleborn


Ron Coleborn graduated with a Physics degree in 1988 and then worked for four years as a geophysicist. He decided to try teaching for a year or two and has never looked back. He was hired as a mathematics teacher in Burnaby and joined the BCAMT Executive early in his career thanks to his teaching mentor, Ivan Johnson. Ivan played a key role in shaping Ron’s thoughts around education.

Outside of work, Ron has a teenage daughter who continues to keep his wife and him busy–in a good way. Ron currently teaches in Surrey and is really enjoying working with students from grade 8-12.

Josh Giesbrecht


Josh Giesbrecht teaches math and digital media arts at Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts. He has a background in computer engineering, programming, and game development.

Josh enjoys being a bad influence on his three boys by playing video games with them. He also like to dabble in things like digital visual art, playing guitar, writing, and continuing to mess around with coding small fun things. Having grown up in Manitoba, Josh is bound by law to never complain about the weather in the Lower Mainland.

Darcy House


Darcy House is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta from Region 6 and Treaty 8 Territory. His worldviews are heavily influenced by academics of equity and the peace education community. He has been working in mathematics education for ten years.

Minnie Liu


Minnie Liu is a mathematics teacher in the Vancouver School District. She is trained in chemistry, biology, and mathematics but mathematics has always been closest to her heart. After completing her doctoral degree at Simon Fraser University in mathematics education, she still finds much work to be done on promoting students’ and teachers’ positivity towards mathematics. She currently focuses on using a variety of activities to build a thinking classroom and to promote her students’ numeracy skills. When Minnie is not math-ing she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, coffee and dessert dates, cooking, and practising yoga.

Marc Garneau


Marc Garneau is a Numeracy Helping Teacher for the Surrey School District, in which capacity he supports the teaching, learning, and assessing of mathematics across grades K-12. No matter what grade or concept, Marc likes to bring the lens, “Who’s Doing the Math?” to the learning experiences. In addition to the BCAMT Executive, Marc has also served as a member of the K-12 BC Math Curriculum Committee, and was the Canadian Regional Director for the NCSM (math-ed leadership organization) from 2015-2018.

Marc’s greatest source of professional development comes through engaging in the blogs and tweets of the #MTBOS (Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere). Marc’s hobbies include some TV and movies, and any activity that will take him into the beautiful nature of BC. Oh, and beer, Marc likes beer–the darker the better. Marc has four daughters, who in addition to being a lot smarter than he was at their age, are also inspiring through their music and dance. Although, Marc has been known to break into Irish dancing during social events.

Richard DeMerchant

Independent Schools

Richard DeMerchant worked in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Alberta before settling in British Columbia. While he has spent the majority of his career as a classroom teacher he has also worked as a mathematics, science and technology coordinator at the provincial and territorial levels as well as a vice principal. Richard is currently teaching grades 6-8 at St Michaels University School in Victoria and serves as the Independent School Representative for the BCAMT.

Richard spends his free time supporting his son as a Scouter and with his sports activities. He enjoys many different outdoor activities including geocaching, kayaking, and hiking.

Michael Pruner


Michael Pruner is a high school mathematics teacher from North Vancouver, BC and the past president of the BC Association of Mathematics Teachers. Michael recently completed his masters degree from SFU in mathematics education and is now working on his PhD in the same department. Michael is an advocate for teaching in the Thinking Classroom model, and believes that mathematics is a social endeavour best learned through collaborative activity in rich tasks. Through the BCAMT, Michael has had the privilege of visiting classrooms all across BC sharing his experience and knowledge of developing and maintaining Thinking Classrooms.

Outside of teaching mathematics, Michael likes to spend time outdoors with his family cycling, skiing, and camping.

Sean Chorney

Post-Secondary &
Vector Editor

Sean Chorney taught high school mathematics for 20 years in Vancouver. He is now an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University. He enjoys working with mathematics teachers at the university, sharing his experience and lending support where he can. Sean shares editorial-ship of Vector with Susan Robinson. His hobbies include jazz guitar and tennis.

Peter Liljedahl


Dr. Peter Liljedahl is a Professor of Mathematics Education in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University.  Peter is a former high school mathematics teacher who has kept his research interest and activities close to the classroom. He consults regularly with teachers, schools, school districts, and ministries of education on issues of teaching and learning, thinking classrooms, assessment, and numeracy.