Executive and Committee

Susan Robinson

President and Vector Editor

Susan Robinson has spent her career teaching on islands in the Pacific Ocean, finally landing with her family on Salt Spring Island in 2007. She loves being surrounded by the energy and chaos of teenagers as she helps them navigate the tension between confusion and understanding. Susan completed a Masters in Arts Education from SFU, which helped her to bring creativity into her mathematics classes and mathematics into her artistic endeavours. Susan shares editor-ship of Vector with Sean Chorney, and looks for any opportunity to swim in the ocean.

Chris Hunter


Chris Hunter has been teaching in Surrey for more than twenty years. Currently a numeracy helping teacher, formerly a high school math teacher and department head, Chris collaboratively works with–and learns from–teachers of mathematics from Kindergarten to Calculus; it is his privilege to be invited to teach in many different classrooms throughout Surrey. Chris is passionate about designing experiences that engage learners in mathematical problem solving, reasoning, and communication. Chris is also an active member of the “MathTwitterBlogoSphere,” an online community of math educators; he tweets at @ChrisHunter36 and blogs at chrishunter.ca. Outside of the classroom, Chris enjoys spending time with his family; he and his wife—a Grade 1 teacher—are parents of two young mathematicians.

Deanna Brajcich

Past President

Deanna Brajcich started her career in 1994 teaching grade 9/10 Math and French. She gradually changed grades and schools to find herself teaching grade 5! In addition to working with students, she enjoys working with adult learners. She was a Numeracy Coordinator mentoring teachers, she is a member of the Island Numeracy Network on Vancouver Island, and she has worked on mathematics initiatives with the Ministry of Education. She designs and facilitates Advanced ELL programs for Foreign English teachers at the University of Victoria and in China. She is also a Queen’s University online instructor in Elementary Mathematics and ELL.

Deanna’s life also centres around her husband and her two teenage boys and spends her time following them around to practices and games. She enjoys many different fitness activities, such as running and yoga, but also likes to relax in solitude with a book.

Colin McLellan


Colin McLellan moved to Vancouver from Alberta in 2004, graduated from the UBC Teacher Education Program in 2006, and has been teaching at McNair Secondary in Richmond ever since. He is constantly reflecting on and changing his practices in the pursuit of something just a little bit better. Although this makes a lot of work for him, he strongly believes that the day he stops changing things is the day he needs to stop teaching. He joined the BCAMT executive in 2008 and has been secretary since 2011. He and his wife, who is also a math teacher, have two young kids who love to count stuff!