Each year the BCAMT offers up to $8000 in grant funds to its membership.  The funds must be used to further mathematics education in BC.  These initiatives must meet the Goals and Objectives of the BCAMT.  These funds are not meant for individual professional development.

The BCAMT values the sharing of ideas and expects that successful applicants will:

  • Write a 450-word summary explaining the initiative and results and also include photo(s) suitable for publication

Fund distribution::

  • If the initiative requests for $1000 or less, 100% of the grant is provided upon approval by the BCAMT executive.
  • If the initiative requests for more than $1000, 75% of the funds will be provided upon approval by the BCAMT executive, the remaining funds will be released upon completion of the grant requirements  (see above).

All applications must be received no later than November 30, 2021. Applicants will be informed about funding after approval by the BCAMT Executive. Successful applicants may wish to re-apply for funding each year but are not guaranteed continued support.

This grant is not meant for individual professional development.

Application steps:

  1. Fill out the Grant Application Form
    1. The deadline for 2020 grants has now passed. We are currently not accepting grant applications. A link to the grant application form will appear here when we are accepting applications.
  2. Upload or email a one-page rationale for the funding request that outlines:
    1. the goals of your initiative (SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely)
    2. details of your initiative including estimated number of teachers or students affected (breadth of impact) as well as likelihood of success (depth or duration of impact)
  3. Upload or email a detailed budget. (List expenses, other funding, etc.)

The above documentation needs to be received before November 30, 2021.

The focus of the 2020-2021 awards were:

  • Building thinking classrooms in math book club
  • Drafting boards and applications of geometry
  • Book study and collaboration: Math workshops and math fact fluency