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December 2016
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Welcome to another eNews. I can’t believe it’s already December. Report cards are finished, parent teacher interviews are a distant memory, and the winter break is fast approaching. In eNews this month, we have information on two conferences coming up in the New Year, some more teacher blogs to share, and some book ideas for your upcoming break.

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News and Events

The BCAMT has two conferences planned for the New Year. The New Teachers Math conference is intended for pre-service and practicing teachers with under five years of experience. It is on January 21st in Surrey, and we are fortunate to have Selina Millar presenting the keynote along with a full program from math education experts in BC. The BCAMT is also working with myPITA and BCSSTA in organizing a Spring Conference in Whistler on May 12. Dr. Peter Liljedahl from SFU will be leading two workshops on Thinking Classrooms. Adrienne Gear and Amy Burvall will also be presenting at this conference. More information for both of these pro-d opportunities is given below.

The BCAMT is continuing with its goal of Outreach for 2016-2017. If you are in a small community and find it difficult to participate in quality professional development, then please contact us ( and we will help to organize a workshop near you.

Upcoming Conferences

BCAMT New Teachers Conference
Date January 21, 2017
Location Queen Elizabeth Secondary, Surrey
More Information
BCTF New Teachers' Conference
Date Februrary 24/25
Location Radisson Hotel, Richmond
More Information:
MyPITA, BCSSTA, and BCAMT mini-conference
Date May 12
Location Whistler, BC
Keynotes: Peter Liljedahl, Adrienne Gear, Amy Burvall
More Information:

Graduate Studies

Many of you may be considering graduate studies for Masters or Diploma programs. If you would like to get more information from two of our local universities, please contact:

University of British Columbia

Coordinator: Heather McGregor

Website: Professional Development Newsletter

Simon Fraser University

Coordinator: Peter Liljedahl

Website: Masters Programs in Math Education

BCAMT Book Club

Are you looking for a good book to read over the winter break? Visit the BCAMT’s Book club page for some great ideas and recommendations from your fellow math teachers:

BCAMT Awards

Each year, the BCAMT recognizes teachers for their outstanding work by giving out one of these awards:

  • Outstanding Elementary Teacher Award
  • Outstanding Secondary Teacher Award
  • Outstanding New Teacher Award
  • Ivan L. Johnson Memorial Award
  • Service Award

More information for each of these awards can be found here.

This year, we are streamlining the application process for the awards. If you have a colleague who you would like to nominate for one of our awards, simple complete this form:

The initial nomination process is very simple. Nominators and nominees will be contacted at a later date and asked to provide more information.

BCAMT Membership

If you are a BCAMT member, and you aren’t receiving your copy of Vector, or if you are planning on changing your mailing address, please contact our membership chair, Brad Epp:


Vector is always looking for articles from all math teachers in BC. If you have a personal teaching experience to share, please consider writing an article. Perhaps you have discovered a great new way to for students to experience geometry, or you have tried a unique assessment model (it doesn’t even have to be a story of success), we would love to hear from you. Send stories of your experiments, discoveries, and journeys in math education to

The next edition of Vector is in the mail.

Problem of the Month

A closed knight's tour is a sequence of moves of a knight on the chess board where the knight visits each square on the board only once, and returns to its original square. Can you find a knight’s tour on an eight-by-eight chess board?


This Month in #MTBos

The "MathTwitterBlogoSphere" is a community of math educators who connect through twitter and blogs. From Kindergarten to calculus (and beyond!), from pre-service teacher candidate to retiree, across very different contexts and experiences, what ties this group of educators together is a passion for mathematics education and an interest in supporting one another. While the MathTwitterBlogoSphere is a space to find engaging problems and rich tasks, more importantly, it is a place to find thoughtful conversations about topics of importance to math teachers. It isn't a formal organization; there isn't a process for "signing up" or any requirements of being a "member." To get started, simply search the hashtag #MTBoS ("mitt-boss") on twitter and follow your own rabbit hole. Each month we'll (attempt to) share some of the posts that resonated with us. To that end…


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