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October 2016
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October is such a busy month. Interims, parent-teacher interviews, assessments, conferences and Fall sports all swirl together to add to the perfect storm that feels like our profession sometimes.

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News and Events

The BCAMT Fall conference (details below) is on the horizon. If you haven’t signed up yet, registration is still available at our website. The conference page also has a detailed program for available sessions. This program will be updated in a few days to include session schedules, so you can begin to plan your day. I am looking forward to seeing many of your there.

We are continuing with its goal of Outreach for 2016-2017. If you are in a small community and find it difficult to participate in quality professional development, then please contact us ( and we will help to organize a workshop near you.

We have been releasing weekly competency tasks since last June. These tasks are designed to bring out the curricular competencies through problem solving in grades 4 – 12. They have been released every Sunday through twitter, Facebook, and our listserv. Recently, we have also started archiving these tasks at We have started primary tasks too. If you have a favourite task that you would like to contribute, please send me an email.

BCAMT Fall Conference: Math is Social


A draft schedule has now been released for this year's conference focusing on the social aspects of learning math.


Upcoming Conferences

BCAMT Fall Conference
Date October 21
Location Gladstone Secondary School, Vancouver
Keynote: Fawn Nguyen
More Information
Northwest Math Conference
Date October 21-23
Location Yakima, Washington
More Information
BCAMT New Teachers Conference
Date January 21, 2017
Location Surrey
More Information Coming soon
MyPITA, BCSSTA, and BCAMT mini-conference
Date May 12
Location Whistler, BC
Keynotes: Peter Liljedahl, Adrienne Gear, Amy Burvall



Marc Garneau has created and is curating a page dedicated to providing resources to support teachers with the new curriculum. Check it out:

The BCAMT website now has a tab for resources dedicated to support you with including First People’s perspectives, Indigenizing the curriculum, or teaching through First People’s Principles of Learning.

BCAMT Book Club

Last Spring, the BCAMT gave out some free books to interested members. These fine BCAMT active book club participants have begun to write reviews for their books, and these reviews are now up on the book club page, . If you haven’t visited the book club page lately, come on by and read some of our reviews. We will be doing another book giveaway just before the winter break.


BCAMT Grants

Each year the BCAMT offers up to $8000 in grant funds to its membership. The funds must be used to further mathematics education in BC. These initiatives must meet the Goals and Objectives of the BCAMT. These funds are not meant for individual professional development. The deadline for grant applications is November 8th, 2016, and the application form can be found here.

BCAMT membership

If you are a BCAMT member, and you aren’t receiving your copy of Vector, or if you are planning on changing your mailing address, please contact our membership chair, Brad Epp:



Vector is always looking for articles from all math teachers in BC. If you have a personal teaching experience to share, please consider writing an article. Perhaps you have discovered a great new way to for students to experience geometry, or you have tried a unique assessment model (it doesn’t even have to be a story of success), we would love to hear from you. Send stories of your experiments, discoveries, and journeys in math education to The next edition of Vector will be mailed in the Spring.

Problem of the Month

Consider five holes in a line. One of them is occupied by a fox. Each night, the fox moves to a neighboring hole, either to the left or to the right. Each morning, you get to inspect a hole of your choice. What strategy would ensure that the fox is eventually caught?


Interesting Maths

Ontario Math Links is a blog that collects other good math teaching blogs. The most recent link right now is for a site that gets students to use mathematics and question claims made by real life advertising. Check it out.

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