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June 2016
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Well, here we are at the last eNews for this school year. It may be the end of the school year, but it seems things are still quite busy on the topic of mathematics education in this province.

If you have some important math news to share with our community of educators, we may be able to include it in this newsletter. Please contact Michael Pruner at

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News and Events

More New Curriculum Drafts

The most up to date versions of BC’s new math curriculum K – 12 can be found on BCAMT’s website: under the Curriculum tab. You can expect to see the Ministry’s curriculum site updated to match in late June.

Also, a reminder that Marc Garneau has created and is curating a page dedicated to providing resources to support teachers with the new curriculum. Check it out:  Thanks Marc!

BCAMT Resource Library

We are beginning to produce and collect teacher resources for the new curriculum at

The lesson ideas that are available on our website are intended to give an idea or inspiration as to what teaching under the new curriculum may look like. We are also interested in collecting your lesson ideas. Please use the template provided and submit your ideas to

SFU Summer Camp For Teachers

2016 SFU Summer Math Camp for Teachers. SFU Mathematics will be offering again a Summer Math Camp for high and middle school teachers July 4 - 8 at the SFU Burnaby campus. Deadline for application is Monday June 20th. For information about the camp and for the application form, see:

Weekly Math Tasks

Non-curricular math tasks (like the Problem of the Month) are problem solving activities that are not necessarily bound to any specific grade or curriculum. These activities are great for improving student’s confidence and engagement, group collaboration and communication, and just a general sense of enjoyment in a math class. The BCAMT will be posting two tasks every Sunday for you to use in your classroom throughout the week. The tasks will be posted on the listserv, Twitter, (and soon to Facebook) so that you will all have an opportunity to respond and let everyone know how it went. The tasks will also be archived on our website, . If you have any task ideas, please send them to

Kanwal Neel

Congratulations to Dr. Kanwal Neel for receiving an honorary degree from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Kanwal is a past president for the BCAMT and has dedicated countless hours to inspiring students and teachers throughout his career. More information can be found at:

BCAMT Awards Deadline Extended

It’s not too late to nominate an outstanding teacher for a BCAMT award. The deadline for nominations for the Outstanding Teacher Award, the Ivan L. Johnson Memorial Award, and the Service Award Has been extended to June 15th, 2016.

More information and the nomination package can be found here:

BCAMT Fall Conference

Registration for the Fall Conference is now open. Please visit the website at for more information about some new features this year, and the keynote and featured speakers.

We are accepting speaker proposals until June 24th. Application information is also available at

BCAMT Instructional Resources Library


Membership Information

If you are a BCAMT member, and you aren’t receiving your copy of Vector, or if you are planning on changing your mailing address, please contact our membership chair, Brad Epp:

BCAMT Book Club

We have already mailed out free books to eight lucky members for reading over this summer break. We are looking forward to hearing their review for each of these books:

  • It’s All about Thinking by Faye Brownlie, Carole Fullerton and Leyton Schnellert
  • What’s Math Got to Do With It by Jo Boaler
  • The Man Who Knew Infinity by Kanigel
  • Go Figure! A Totally Cool Book about Numbers by Ball
  • The Math Book by Clifford Pickover
  • Fantasia Mathematica by Clifton Fadiman
  • Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler
  • How to Bake Pie by Eugenia Cheng

Get some more reading ideas for the summer by going to  .

Problem of the Month


Minarets in downtown "New Istanbul" will be so beautiful that it will be the law that from every minaret, every other minaret may be seen. When the downtown was small this was relatively easy. The following shows 6 minarets in a downtown of 3×3 blocks:


  • How many minarets can be placed when the downtown grows to 4x4?
  • How many different ways can the minarets be placed on a 4x4?
  • How many minarets can be placed when the downtown grows to nxn?
  • How many different ways can the minarets be placed on a nxn?

(task from

Interesting Maths

Kahoot is an online quiz game where students can participate using their smart phones. It’s engaging and addicting and fun. You can make your own Kahoot for review or you can play a public Kahoot. Registration is free, so check it out:

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