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January 2016
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Welcome to BCAMT eNews

Happy New Year! One of our goals as an association is to connect with our membership and let you know what is happening in math education in BC. To this end, we have decided to send a monthly "eNewsletter" to all current BCAMT members.

If you have some important math news to share with our community of educators, we may be able to include it in this newsletter. Please contact Michael Pruner at

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News and Events

The K-9 curriculum pages on the ministry website were updated over the Christmas break:
Elaborations have been added to the curricular competencies and the content.

The BCTF’s New Teacher’s Conference is coming up on February 26th and 27th at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond. You can find more information at:

BCAMT Book Club

Just in time for our winter break, the BCAMT book club web page is operational:

The featured books will change over time, but we will keep a history of all reviewed books with reader comments and ratings. If you have read any of the feature books already, please take some time to write your own comment and give a rating. The comments section can also be a place to start a discussion – this is how it will start to feel more like a book club.

2016 Fall Conference

This year's BCAMT Fall Conference will be held at Gladstone Secondary in Vancouver on October 21. The theme for the conference is "Math is Social." You will be hearing more about this in this newsletter, as well as on the listserv and twitter in the coming months.


Vector is always looking for articles from all math teachers in BC. If you have a personal teaching experience to share, please consider writing an article. Perhaps you have discovered a great new way to for students to experience geometry, or you have tried a unique assessment model (it doesn’t even have to be a story of success), we would love to hear from you. Send stories of your experiments, discoveries, and journeys in math education to The next edition of Vector will be mailed in the Spring.

Problem of the Month

2016 divides all single digit numbers except 5 (…oh and 0). When will this happen again?

Interesting Maths

2016 = 2^10 + 2^9 + 2^8 + 2^7 + 2^6 + 2^5

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