All of the articles and columns published in Vector are vetted by the editors – Sean Chorney and Susan Robinson. This often involves a collaboration with authors to shape articles to best suite the Vector readership.

In addition to editorial support and suggestions, contributors now have an option to have certain articles peer-reviewed. Contributors who opt for peer-review can expect to receive two independent reviews plus a summary of the reviews by one of the editors. You will then be asked to revise and resubmit your article in accordance to the reviewers’ comments. If you are submitting your article under the peer-review option please indicate so at the time of submission. Readers benefit by reading more rigorously edited articles, while contributors benefit from being able to claim that their submission has been peer-reviewed.

For articles that are peer reviewed, members of our editorial board are also called upon to help with the vetting process.

Editorial Board:

  • Darian Allan
  • Nat Banting
  • Egan Chernoff
  • Peter Liljedahl
  • Cheryl Ruff
  • Michelle Shannon

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