The BCAMT listserv is an excellent way to stay informed of recent developments in BC Math Education. Nearly one thousand educators from across the province, country (and even the world!) are connected via email. Get the latest developments first hand and also provide yourself with an arena to be heard. The listserv connects math teachers who are ready and willing to share advice and expertise on math education. You may find a debate on a “hot topic”, someone seeking or giving advice or possibly a useful problem/activity for the classroom!

To join, simply send an email to

NOTE: We no longer use the mail list.  Please ignore any instructions you find about joining the old list, including those on the BCTF website.

Listserv Archive

If you are interested in past discussions on the listserv, consider joining the archive of discussions hosted by Google Groups.  To access it, login to your google account and follow the link above.  You must ask permission to join which will be granted as soon as possible.

This archive goes back to August 1, 2010.  Discussions before this are archived in this excel file (10.4MB)

Policy Regarding Commercial use of the BCAMT Listserv

E-Mail lists are not to be used for commercial advertising purposes. However, notices of professional development and/or in-service opportunities of benefit to teachers or educational opportunities for students may be posted. Hereafter all of these notices of activities are called “advertisements.”

To post an advertisement on the list: The message must first be sent to the Listserv moderator, website administrator or the BCAMT President. One of these three members will post the email to the list on behalf of the individual(s).

The advertisement must be brief and meet the following criteria:

That the activity not conflict with BCAMT initiatives
The intent of the posting is educational and not for profit
The message furthers mathematics and mathematics education in British Columbia
If an advertisement is posted on the email list without authorization, the originator may face penalty up to deletion from the BCAMT email list. The Table Officers of the BCAMT will make the decision on the penalty.

This policy is subject to revision. Any revisions will be posted to the Listserv.