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Weekly Primary Math Tasks

A Pattern for Pepper by Julie Kraulis

Do you think it’s easier to create shrinking patterns or growing patterns? Why Would you choose pattern blocks or square tiles if you were creating a repeating pattern? Open up questions for inquiry. Marian Small offers lots more suggestions in… Continue Reading →

Counting on Fall – Lizann Flatt

Austin had a bag of 17 acorns. Eight squirrels came up to him. He gave each squirrel an acorn. Then five more squirrels came up to him and he gave away one acorn to each of them. How many more… Continue Reading →

Counting Books

  Seagrass Dreams: A Counting Book by Kathleen M. Hanes Octopuses One to Ten Ellen Jackson & Robin Page Any counting book can be the launch for exploration of the big idea: We can count a collection to find out… Continue Reading →

Primary Task – Sisters & Brothers

Based on “Sisters & Brothers” by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page. Imagine you were born a quadruplet. What does that mean? What would that mean in your family? “Nine-banded armadillos are always born as identical quadruplets – four brothers or… Continue Reading →

Weekly Primary Math Task – Nov 13, 2016

Up-and-Down Staircase: One block is needed to make an up-and-down staircase, with one step up and one step down. 4 blocks make an up-and-down staircase with 2 steps up and 2 steps down. How many blocks would be needed to build… Continue Reading →

Weekly Primary Task – Nov 6, 2016

HUNGRY ANTS 100 Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes Read the story to the students. Ask the students to choose one of the following numbers: 12, 24 or 36. Ask them to imagine that this number of ants is going… Continue Reading →

Weekly Primary Task – Oct 30, 2016

I used digit cards to create a 2-digit number pattern. The wind blew the cards and mixed them up. How might you place the loose digit cards into the following to complete a pattern? How do you know? How might… Continue Reading →

Weekly Primary Task – Oct 23, 2016

Allow students time to explore the attributes of various 3-D shapes. Have them identify the faces, edges and vertices of the 3-D shapes? Present various problems for them to solve: If you had 3 cones, 2 cylinders and a sphere,… Continue Reading →

Weekly Primary Task – Oct 16, 2016

Take your class outside and have students collect 5 of an object (leaves, rocks, etc..). The task is for students to work in groups and find different ways to make 5. How many ways can you make 5? How can… Continue Reading →

Weekly Primary Task – Oct 9, 2016

Materials 10 or more snap cubes per student Task Instruction This is an activity that children can work on in groups. Each child makes a train of connecting cubes of a specified number. On the signal “Snap,” children break their… Continue Reading →

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