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Weekly Primary Math Tasks


Truman is a tracking tortoise. Lovely math to self and math to world connections. Tasks offer: estimation, spatial reasoning and word problems created from story context.

Egg: Nature’s Perfect Package

           Egg Nature’s Perfect Package

Just a Second by Steve Jenkins

Just a Second A look at subtraction by comparison with late Primary students. Using an open number line and other models for representing thinking with pictures, number and equations.

Twelve Hats for Lena

Twelve Hats for Lena number and symmetry A cross-curricular numeracy/literacy lesson exploring number, symmetry, shape, colour and details in playful,artistic ways.

Watermelon Party

Watermelon Party By Jasmine Cabanaw One hot day, my dad cut a slice of watermelon for me to eat. I counted 13 black and white seeds in the slice. There were more black seeds than white seeds.  How many of… Continue Reading →

Cat Companion Books ~ Counting

Cat Companions

Bottom’s Up Hundred Chart

Bottom’s Up Hundred Chart Lesson Plan

Spring Bird Task

Primary Task   Using spatial reasoning to create, design, compose and decompose with shapes What is it? Spatial Reasoning is the ability to create and manipulate mental representations of actual and imagined shapes, objects and structures (Cohen, Hegarty, 2012)  … Continue Reading →

Love, Triangle

Love,Triangle January 2018 – Word doc  

Crayon Partitioning

Partitioning Crayons-1 – Word document Partitioning Crayons-1 – PDF file

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