About the BCTF

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), established in 1917, is the union of professionals representing 41,000 public school teachers in the province of British Columbia, Canada. All public school teachers belong to the BCTF and their local teachers’ association.

Advisory committees

The BCTF Executive Committee has responsibility for the creation and appointment of any BCTF advisory committees.


In 2006, BC teachers voted 78.2% to join the Canadian Labour Congress and maintain membership in the BC Federation of Labour.

Commitment to Solidarity statement

The purpose of the Commitment to Solidarity is to guide the conduct of members participating in BCTF meetings.

Conflict of Interest Policy for Members

This comprehensive policy was adopted by the BCTF Executive Committee in January 2013.


Our Contact us page lists contact information for the BCTF president, Executive Committee, local presidents, provincial specialist association presidents, and staff. It also gives contact information for the most frequently asked questions from members and the public.

Employment opportunities

The BCTF is a unionized work site. Employment opportunities, as they occur, are listed on the page and removed upon application deadline expiry.


The BCTF is a democratically structured organization. Our governance chart PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. gives a visual overview and our governance page describes the governing bodies of the Federation.


The BC Teachers’ Federation was incorporated as a benevolent society in 1919 and achieved full collective bargaining rights in 1987. The history of the organization illustrates its effectiveness in working for the rights of teachers and students in promoting public education.


The BCTF provides for locals of teachers throughout BC. Our locals deal with matters of local concern that affect the welfare of their members.

Member services

The BCTF offers a wide range of workshops, programs, and services for members. The BCTF Member Services page provides members with information about the opportunities to enhance professional practice, develop leadership skills, learn together with colleagues, and advocate for students.

Members’ Guide

The Members’ Guide includes priorities, services, constitution and bylaws, policies and procedures, simplified rules of order, history, and the code of ethics.


All teachers employed in a school district in British Columbia are eligible to be active members of the Federation and of a local in that school district. Members may change their address or personal information by logging into the secure BCTF member portal or by completing an online submission form on our membership page.

Privacy policy

The BCTF is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our members’ personal information by complying with the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). The privacy policy has been adopted by the BCTF Executive Committee.

Provincial Specialist Associations

The BCTF includes 33 provincial specialist associations (PSAs).