There are fabulous websites for teachers all over the internet.  Here are some  favourites for professional development and ideas and guidance:

BC Numeracy Network: The BC Numeracy Network has been engaged in a collaborative teacher inquiry around the following question: How do I ensure my students experience balanced numeracy?



Youcubed:  Jo Boaler’s website offering articles, math tasks, videos and professional development for Math teachers of all grade levels.





Numberphile:  This is a popular youtube channel featuring a series of numbery videos by Brady Haran the award winning filmmaker.   Perfect provocations for inquiry and problem solving.






thematics:  A British website offering teachers a multi-tude of  leveled activities and problems for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice.



Peter Liljedahl:  The teache

r’s section of Peter’s website offers numeracy tasks, resources, and card tricks.  Importantly, this site presents the

Thinking Classroom approach to rich numeracy




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Name: Tina Cardone
Title: Public High School Mathematics Teacher
Current Courses (2017-2018):
Learning Skills (co-taught, small class of students in grades 9-12 who all have learning disabilities and are working on pre-Algebra content)
Algebra 2 (inclusion classes with 20-25 students, mixed regular-ed, ELL and students with disabilities)
Honors Precalculus (class of 15 students, mix of juniors and seniors)