Primary Task


Using spatial reasoning to create, design, compose and decompose with shapes

What is it? Spatial Reasoning is the ability to create and manipulate mental representations of actual and imagined shapes, objects and structures (Cohen, Hegarty, 2012)


Areas of Spatial Reasoning:

  1. Symmetry
  2. Composing, Decomposing, Transforming 3D
  3. Composing, Decomposing, Transforming 2D
  4. Perspective Taking (eg. bird’s-eye view)
  • These areas involve Spatial Visualization,Visual-Spatial Working-Memory, and Mental Rotation from Taking Shape  Bruce and Flynn (2016)


Egg Tangram: “Birds from an Egg”


Nrich site has a clever 9 piece egg tangram for cutting up and creating different bird shapes. First use all 9 pieces to recreate an egg shape. When you have done that, see if you can make some of the bird shapes shown on the other sheet – each bird uses all 9 pieces. See lesson online.