Seagrass Dreams: A Counting Book by Kathleen M. Hanes

Octopuses One to Ten Ellen Jackson & Robin Page

Any counting book can be the launch for exploration of the big idea: We can count a collection to find out how many are in it.

Counting up and Back in a rhythmic fashion (clapping, turning around, doing jumping jacks) is an important counting exercise. In Van de Walle’s game children stand in a circle and count around the circle to a target number. One child starts the count at number 1; the next child says the next number in the sequence, and so on, until a child says the target number. Challenge children by asking them to predict who will sit down next or who will say a particular number.

Posting a vertical number line can help children visualize pattersn in our written numbers. This is handy as a posted visual to connect the written numeral and number word to the number being said.

(p.102 – Teaching Student Centered Mathematics 2014 ed.)