Based on “Sisters & Brothers” by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page."sisters & brothers" book cover

Imagine you were born a quadruplet. What does that mean? What would that mean in your family?

“Nine-banded armadillos are always born as identical quadruplets – four brothers or four sisters. They are clones, perfect copies of one another, so they are exactly alike down to their toenails.”

Use two sided counters to encourage play with 4 (yellow) sister quadruplets or 4 (red) brother quadruplets. Use the 4 chips to play a game of Sneaky Chips. Hide the chips around the room for the class. Students gather 4 chips (armadillos) from under tables, on top of books, between the legs of a chair. Invite students to find the sneaky chips that are hiding. After each chip, (or a few chips), have been found stop and ask

“How many chips have you found so far? How many more do you need to find? How do you know?”

Co-create responses to the question: When do we see groups of 4 ?

Explore the properties of 4. Extensions to skip counting multiples of 4. Combine brothers and sisters with a partner to explore the properties of 8 again playing Sneaky Chips.

Game source: Jonathan Edmonds, Brooklyn Friends School,K-2 Math Specialist