BCAMT New Teachers’ Conference

This year’s BCAMT New Teachers’ Conference is for anyone new to teaching math, and will be at Byrne Creek Secondary in Burnaby on November 29. Registration is open at http://bit.ly/1tPyAhp. For more information, visit the conference website at www.bcamt.ca/ntc.

BCAMT Fall Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended, spoke, or helped organize the fall conference. It was the best-attended fall conference of the past few years! Special thanks to Dr. Nathalie Sinclar for her keynote address. If you missed it, you can see it soon as we will be posting a video in a few days.

BCAMT Curriculum Website

In support of the new curriculum, the BCAMT has developed a website that will host example resources that can be used to assess and guide students using the core curricular competencies.  You can find it here:


Questions Worth Asking about Assessment now for sale

To order a copy of the BCAMT’s collection of stories on assessment, please go to www.bcamt.ca/questions