Cancelled: New Teachers Conference

We regret to announce that this year’s New Teachers’ Conference has been cancelled. If you have already registered, you should receive a refund on your registration in the next couple of days.

Basic Number Facts

Children learn mathematics to help them make better sense of the world around them, and to develop skills necessary in their lives. Part of this is achieving computational fluency with basic multiplication and addition facts. The BCAMT has produced a pamphlet (and accompanying web page) for parents, teachers, and students that attempts to answer some frequently asked questions about how to learn basic number facts. You can access it and download the pamphlet at

BCAMT Vector – Elementary Edition

In addition to the BCAMT membership, Elementary schools across the province have received a special edition of Vector (the official journal of the BC Association of Mathematics Teachers) supporting the teaching of mathematics in the elementary classroom.

This exciting publication includes many well-known mathematics specialists from our province who present numerous mathematical investigations and teaching strategies that can be used in their classroom.

An online version (in colour) may be found at:

BCAMT Curriculum Website

In support of the new curriculum, the BCAMT has developed a website that will host example resources that can be used to assess and guide students using the core curricular competencies.  You can find it here:

Questions Worth Asking about Assessment now for sale

To order a copy of the BCAMT’s collection of stories on assessment, please go to