Mathematical Mindsets Feb 23, 2018

When:  February 23, 2018, 8:30 to 3:00
Where:  Sheraton Airport Vancouver: 7555 Westminster Highway, Richmond


Mathematical Mindset Presentation
With Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams

Late Wednesday afternoon, the BCAMT and the Jo Boaler Planning Committee received some unfortunate news.  After feeling unwell for a number of days, and a subsequent visit to her doctor, Jo has been told not to travel.  She had hoped the illness would pass in time to come to Vancouver, but it has become worse.  As a result, she is unable to present this Friday.

Fortunately, Cathy Williams, co-founder of the Mathematical Mindset website and Jo’s co-presenter and colleague for many years, is still able to offer us the same presentation and the same amazing professional learning opportunities.

Cathy’s expertise and experiences are valued around the world.

This turn of events is beyond our control.  Due to the scope of this professional development endeavour, and the substantial financial commitments made on the part of both organizers and participants (venue, catering, flights…), cancelling the event is not feasible.  Registration refunds are not available.

However, in appreciation of your understanding, the BCAMT and the Jo Boaler team will be distributing a $50 Indigo gift card to all participants to supplement and enhance your learning.

 BCAMT Northwest Conference 2018 Registration Open

Northwest Math Conference 2018 – Whistler, BC – Oct 18-20

PIMS Mathematical Education Circle

In 2018 Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences is starting with a new initiative entitled “PIMS Mathematical Education Circle”. The main goal of this initiative is to create a forum in which math instructors across BC can discuss the educational topics of common interest and share their experiences and resources. Sessions are scheduled for Feb 24 and March 24 at PIMS, UBC.

To see more details about PIMS Mathematical Education Circles and to register for the upcoming sessions, please go to

Final Mathematics Grade 10-12 Curriculum Now Available

Dec 16, 2017 – The Ministry of Education has released the final version of the Grade 10-12 Curriculum Documents to us for immediate release. The BCAMT is hosting the documents here to help get this information out to BC’s math teachers as quickly as possible.