Final Mathematics Grade 10-12 Curriculum Now Available

Dec 16, 2017 – The Ministry of Education has released the final version of the Grade 10-12 Curriculum Documents to us for immediate release. The BCAMT is hosting the documents here to help get this information out to BC’s math teachers as quickly as possible.


Jo Boaler Feb 2018 – Waitlist

Update: The Jo Boaler presentation is WAIT LIST AVAILABLE

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BCAMT welcomes Jo Boaler, the world-renowned Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University and co-founder of to Richmond, BC.   In this highly anticipated workshop, we will consider together what it means to teach math for a growth mindset. We will dig into the brain science, the mindset messages, and experience first hand deeper understanding through rich activities. Participants will transform not only their relationship with mathematics but those of their students.


Questions Worth Asking about Assessment

To order a copy of the BCAMT’s collection of stories on assessment, please go to


Basic Number Facts

Children learn mathematics to help them make better sense of the world around them, and to develop skills necessary in their lives. Part of this is achieving computational fluency with basic multiplication and addition facts. The BCAMT has produced a pamphlet (and accompanying web page) for parents, teachers, and students that attempts to answer some frequently asked questions about how to learn basic number facts. You can access it and download the pamphlet at